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    My bar-making reputation amongst the 10 and under population is a source of great pride.  Back in San Diego my son’s closest friend would frequently greet me by saying “Um, Miss Elizabeth?  Do you…

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    Quince Throat Coat

    Some people have a high tolerance for discomfort and our son is one of them. I found out the hard way, when he was little and had a nasty case of strep that I…

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    An autumn drink

    My close friends know I love a good cocktail.  Actually, even loose acquaintances manage to pick that up pretty quickly. My criteria for “good” are this: not too sweet; doesn’t require expensive/random liqueurs; doesn’t give…

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    Autumn Soup

    When I was about 9 or 10 I devoured those Choose Your Own Adventure books. Did you read those?  They are not great literary works, but at the end of a chapter you could select…